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Data Visualization Developer

Posted: 02/16/2021

Lockton, the World's largest privately held brokerage firm has a growth opportunity!


  • Manages and develops new iterations of emerging data solutions (i.e. interactive Tableau dashboards).
    • Connects with internal and external content experts to outline data definitions and needs in measurable terms.
    • Reviews data definitions, and any other needs, with the Data Analytics team for feasibility.
    • Secures agreement between all parties on the data definitions and any other needs.
    • Submits the project to the Data Analytics team for SQL coding.
    • Reviews, shapes, and if needed, normalizes data results provided by the Data Analytics team.
    • Creates interactive dashboards both for analytic and reporting purposes with the prepared data.
    • Reviews and tests dashboards.
    • Submits project results to the Data and Visualization team for last review and roll out.
    • Creates spreadsheet input systems that decrease time required to refresh data.
    • Collects and shares feedback with the Data and Visualization team.
  • Develops data visualizations, using the software package Tableau, that are in line with Lockton brand standards, existing dashboard formats, and best practices for data visualization.  
  • Refreshes all existing data products with new data monthly and sends updated dashboards to internal users.
  • Answers usage questions on the data products from internal users.  
  • When applicable, works with the Lockton Infolock team to transition a data product iteration into the wider Infolock reporting system.
  • Stays current on data and visualization best practices in design and software.
  • Offers advice, expertise, and education, to help improve business performance with non-data product visualizations and increase literacy in data and visualizations more broadly. This includes, but is not limited to, consultation, resource development, and hosting an occasional CE session.

  • Advanced knowledge in building graphics, infographics, dashboards, and interactive visualizations.
  • Advanced knowledge in Microsoft Office and Tableau.
  • Moderate knowledge in communications, storytelling, and making complex data accessible.
  • Moderate knowledge in data, database design, data systems, SQL, queries, and reporting.
  • Moderate knowledge in project management.
  • Introductory knowledge in business analysis skills and claims data
  • 2-4 years’ experience with Tableau
    • Tableau certifications preferred
    • Submitted portfolio preferred
    • Experience with additional data visualization software programs preferred, specifically Power BI and Domo
  • 2-4 years’ experience with project management
  • 1-2 years’ experience in data, database design, data systems, queries, and reporting
    • Must have some experience with SQL, mastery not required
    • MOS-M certifications preferred
    • Experience with medical and or pharmacy claims data preferred
  • 1-2 years’ experience presenting data analysis to diverse audiences
  • Ability to ascertain the insight related needs of a client in a brief amount of time
  • Ability to work with stakeholders in a reliable, personable, and team-oriented fashion in the building of reports, dashboards, or other data outputs.
  • Ability to articulate design ideas using limited inputs from people with diverse levels of data literacy or comfort with data
  • Ability to tell and visualize a story with data.
  • Ability to effectively communicate complex design information to people with diverse levels of data literacy or comfort with data
  • Ability to create intuitive and interactive designs in visualization.
  • Understands industry trends and governmental regulations around data, analytics, and visualization
  • Ability to write well
  • Ability to complete continuing education requirements as needed
  • Ability to attend company, department, and team meetings as required, including industry training sessions
  • Ability to comply with all company policies and procedures, proactively protecting confidentiality of client and company information
  • Ability to efficiently organize work and manage time to meet deadlines
  • Ability to travel by automobile and aircraft
  • Ability to use office equipment such as a computer, keyboard, calculator, photocopier, and facsimile machine
  • Ability to work on a computer for a prolonged amount of time
  • Ability to work outside of normal business hours as needed
  • Legally able to work in the United States

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